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Aluminium Fencing Melbourne

Although wood is the classic fencing material, aluminium is a worthy alternative. Regardless if you are fencing a domestic, commercial, or industrial property, aluminium will do a superb job.

Let us show you how our service and quality are second to none in the Melbourne area when it comes to the design and construction of aluminium fencing.

Aluminium fencing is an excellent material choice for your fence, but what are its benefits? Here is a list of reasons why aluminium fencing is an excellent option for your fencing project.

Aluminum Fencing Melbourne

Low Cost

Of all the common metal fences, aluminium is the least expensive. Both wrought iron and steel fences are pricier than aluminium because they are not as easy to manufacture or commonly available.

It may cost more than a wooden fence in the beginning, but over time you will save in maintenance and upkeep. This fence is an investment that provides great value.

High Durability

Aluminium is a non-ferrous metal. Thus, as opposed to iron, it is not susceptible to corrosion and rust. This exceptional material property leads to an excellent life expectancy.

Of course, aluminium does not decay, rot, or get attacked by insects. It is also resistant to wind, sleet, snow, sun, hail, ice and heat. This fencing material will last longer than your house, so you are getting superior value for your money when you build an aluminium fence.

Low Maintenance

An aluminium fence has a powder paint coating that is fused to the metal’s surface during manufacture. Thus, this material does not require re-staining or repainting over time, unlike wood or iron.

You can clean the fence on any schedule you desire. It is simple to wash the fence, all you have to do is hose it down with fresh water.

Great Appearance

Aluminium fencing comes in a wide variety of styles and colours, which integrate beautifully with your house, yard, and garden. For a sleeker look, we can construct your fence with hidden screws and fasteners.

Also, you can get a custom design to fit the needs of your site. Choices in height, caps, and toppers, you have thousands of different options for the appearance of your fence.

In the final analysis, you get a fence that is as stately, elegant, and classy as wrought iron, without the high cost or maintenance hassles.

Strong Security

By placing spear tops on the aluminium fence, you get a great security fence.

Wood fences are far easier to break through than aluminium. And chain mesh fencing can be scaled or cut more simply than this metal. Thus, aluminium is an excellent option for the medium-security requirements of most domestic residences.

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Good Rackability

An aluminium fence has a great ability to rack, or slope, to the contour of the land. This means that it will hug your landscaping even if there is an upslope or downslope.

Since there aren’t any stair-stepped areas in your fence, the appearance is sophisticated and refined. Further, it is very difficult for pets to get out of your yard or wild creatures to get past your fence because there are no holes between the ground and the fence.

Solid Versatility

Another advantage of aluminium is that it is a very versatile material. In particular, this metal is exceptional for the creation of gates for your fence.

No matter what type of gate you are looking for, we can build it. Swing gates, sliding gates, bi-fold gates, and cantilever gates can all be made out of aluminium. Additionally, it is a great material for automated gates because of its proportionally light weight.

So, regardless if you are looking for a commercial gate for pedestrian or vehicular traffic, you can get a complete fence and gate package that will match and look fantastic.

Our gates are safe, secure, and reliable. They require a little space and can even be built on sloping or uneven ground.

Aluminium Fencing Melbourne Experts

We have extensive experience designing and creating aluminium fencing. For many years, we have been providing Melbourne with high-quality fencing that is durable and very affordable.

We source the best materials and ensure that your fence is constructed specifically for you and your needs. You will get a custom fence that specifically matches your desires.

No matter what your priority is—security, boundary demarcation, or ornamentation—an aluminium fence will meet your needs.

We can also find the fence that meets your vision. Traditional, contemporary, vintage or modern, we have a fence style that will work for you.

Let one of our knowledgeable and friendly representatives answer your questions. Call (03) 9988 1299 for a free consultation.

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