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Quality Timber Fencing Melbourne

We build fences from the widest variety of materials.  From wrought iron to glass, or from brick to aluminium, we can create a fence from almost anything.

That being said, the number one choice of material by our clients is timber.  It is durable and adaptable, which allows us to work with it in a variety of ways.  For example, timber can be used to create a decorative property boundary, a windbreak for a porch or patio, a privacy screen, or a protective barrier. 

Timber fences look great and the natural purity of the wood keeps you from feeling closed in.

Timber Fencing Melbourne

Timber Fencing Melbourne Styles and Designs

One of the nicest things about timber fencing is the versatility of the material.  Since it is easy to work with, readily available, and completely natural, timber has been used to create quite a few iconic fencing designs over the years.

Post and Rail

Post and rail fencing is a simple, yet attractive, fencing style.  It hearkens back to bygone days while bringing a minimalist approach to your fence.

This fencing is a barrier to vehicular traffic and a visual deterrent to pedestrians.  It also has a variety of choices for finishes, timber types, sizes, and styles. 

Timber Fence Melbourne


Paling fences are equally useful for privacy and security applications.  Their size makes them difficult to climb over without assistance and the lack of space between the slats keeps your property safe from prying eyes.

And while they are certainly functional, a paling fence can be quite lovely as well.  Whether topped with flat boards for a finished look, with a lattice for a delicate appearance, or untopped for a natural presentation, the paling fence is as charming as it is useful. 

Timber Fencing Melbourne

Slat Screen

Stylish, sleek, and modern, slat screen fencing is an option that looks great while providing a variable level of privacy that is completely up to you during the construction phase.  Simple choices on slat width and spacing can completely alter the appearance and functionality of the fence.

Merbau timber is a particularly popular material choice for slat screen fences.  Its durability and beautiful red-brown hue are common reasons that clients choose this wood for this fencing design.

Aluminum Fencing Melbourne

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Timber Fencing Pros & Cons

Timber fencing has been around for many years.  And for good reason.  Here are some of the benefits that wood fencing provides:

Now, no matter how good a fencing option may be, there are always a few disadvantages as well. For timber, these include:

Nevertheless, timber fencing remains a fabulous option for most projects.

Timber Fencing Melbourne

If you are interested in learning more about timber fencing Melbourne options for your property, call us at (03) 9988 1299.  One of our friendly and knowledgeable staff will answer your questions and set you up with a free consultation.

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