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Quality Commercial Fencing Melbourne

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Commercial Fencing Melbourne

Our Commercial Fencing Services

We leverage our knowledge of commercial fencing Melbourne has to provide the greatest number of fence options in the region.

Chain Wire Mesh Fencing

Chain wire fencing, also known as chain-link or cyclone fencing, is an economical security and boundary fence solution.

Made from top-grade steel, with both barrier and galvanic rust inhibitors, you can expect this fence to stand up to harsh weather and years of work. A PVC-coated option is also available in green or black to better match the aesthetics of your site.

Durable and strong, chain wire mesh is not only quick to install, but it is extremely affordable. Further, by placing barbed or razor wire on top of the fencing, you immediately transform your fence from a boundary demarcator to a security enhancer.

Due to its structure, we can use chain wire mesh in a wide variety of property situations. Obstructions and tight corners are not a problem for this type of fencing.

We frequently install chain wire mesh fencing for commercial applications. Car parks, schools, animal enclosures, and sporting locations are all common places where we build this type of fence.

This fencing can accommodate swinging, sliding, and bi-folding gates for pedestrian and vehicular access. This makes it an extremely versatile choice for your commercial fencing needs.

Tubular Steel Security Fencing

Tubular steel fencing is an attractive fence style that is tough and extremely strong.

It is good-looking enough to be used for the facade of a corporate headquarters or at a playground. Able to be topped with fleur-de-lis, loops, rings, double rail, or a flat top, this fence is classy and will mesh well with any architectural scheme.

Pleasant appearance notwithstanding, where tubular steel really shines is as security fencing. Difficult to scale because of its vertical slats, it becomes even more imposing as a security feature if you place spear tops on the upright elements.

We highly galvanise this fencing in order to prevent corrosion and maximise longevity. Further, we powder coat your fence with the color of your choice so that it seamlessly integrates into the aesthetics of your property.

We frequently install these fences at child development centres, swimming pools, and parks. We also place them at industrial sites and warehouses—any place that needs added security.

The strength of the heavy-duty steel lets us create superior gates as well as fences. Sliding or swinging, once they are closed, nothing is going to get through.

Commercial Fencing Melbourne

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Colorbond Fencing

For the combination of security and privacy, Colorbond fencing cannot be beaten.

The steel core of Colorbond is mixed with aluminium and zinc which makes it lightweight, corrosion-resistant, and exceptionally durable. It is coated with high-quality paint that is tightly adherent to the base and has been tested in the harshest Australian conditions.

The 22 available colours mean that your fencing can be customised to match the characteristics of your building or property. To further increase the aesthetics, we can add capping, exposed posts, and latticework to your fence.

Colorbond fences are unique amongst security fences in that they have a flat, single-piece design which makes them exceedingly difficult to scale or climb. That design yields an unparalleled level of privacy as there are no slats to look through.

This synthesis of privacy and security makes Colorbond a popular choice for sites that have expensive equipment on-premises, for correctional facilities, and for power/HVAC plant screening.

Storage Solutions

In addition to the above fencing options, our team also provide storage solutions for our commercial clients.

One popular option is our secure steel mesh storage cages. Useful for providing storage that the general public can not access, these enclosures are sturdy and durable.

Our steel cages can be free-standing when installed outdoors or they can stand floor-to-ceiling indoors. Additionally, they can be placed as over bonnet storage in parking structures.

They provide excellent protection for expensive items, dangerous equipment, and utility plants. Typical examples include storage for oxygen tanks, gas bottles, and HVAC systems.

These solutions work well in car parts, multi-residential dwellings, warehouses, and basements

Quality Commercial Fencing Melbourne

No matter what your industrial or commercial fencing needs, Our fencing services are here to help.

Our experienced designers and installers are knowledgeable about all aspects of the fencing process. We are committed to delivering quality workmanship and outstanding service for each and every client.

Contact us at (03) 9988 1299 and let us show you how we exceed expectations every day.

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