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Quality Tubular Fencing Melbourne

Tubular fencing Melbourne is a common sight and it’s easy to see why.  One of the most versatile fencing materials available, tubular fencing can be used for needs that are as diverse as security fencing, garden boundary demarcation, and pool safety fencing. Tubular fencing is cost effective, with many options for customization including color, height, spacing, gate type, and more!

We have many years of experience in this field, so you know that you are in good hands with us. Sometimes it’s difficult to find someone who will listen and understand what you need when it comes to fencing – but with our team, we will work closely with you from start to finish and give expert advice on which style would be best for your business.

Tubular fencing is a modern, long-lasting, and durable solution for  commercial properties. It is extremely flexible to design with and it attaches well to existing structures and allows gate placement to occur wherever it is needed.

Tubular Fencing Melbourne

Tubular Fencing Melbourne Styles and Applications

There are so many ways to create and use tubular fencing that it is hard to talk about them all.  However, they generally fall into the categories of how the fence is designed or how the fence is used.  


Tubular fencing comes with a multitude of creative options.  For example, the tubes of the fence can be square, round, or rectangular.

The height of the tubes can be universal across the entire fence, they can alternate in a high-low pattern, or they can even taper up and down.

You can square the tops of the tubes off with a horizontal bar across them.  Or they can have multiple horizontal rails that allow for ‘X’ or ring patterns to be placed near the tops.  The tubes can be looped together or topped off with a spear.

The spear designs can vary as well—anything from a simple point to a graceful fleur-de-lis. 

Whatever style you want for your tubular fence, we can create it.  From the simplest of flat tops to a complex custom build, no job is too easy or too hard for our experienced team.


Tubular fencing is also a popular choice for security fences.  Instead of the aluminium that is often used for the more decorative fences, they may make the tubes themselves from reinforced steel.  This makes for an extraordinarily sturdy fence that still looks great.

Significantly more aesthetically appealing than chain mesh fencing, tubular fences work well for commercial and industrial applications, as well as for public infrastructures like schools, airports, play yards, railways, oil installations, or sporting facilities. 

A tubular fence can assist with the proper direction of vehicular and pedestrian traffic on your site.  It is difficult to climb and, when topped with spear tops, will prevent vandals and thieves from having access to your property.  At 1.8 to 2.4 meters in height, it makes a nearly insurmountable obstacle for would-be intruders.  

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Why Choose A Tubular Fence?

There is no doubt that tubular fencing is becoming increasingly popular in Melbourne.  This is due to the large number of benefits that this type of fencing brings.  


They create tubular fencing with an aluminium material or a steel that is either zinc-coated or galvanised.  This fencing is not affected by insects or decay, meaning it less likely to deteriorate over time than fencing made of natural materials. 

These metals are essentially weatherproof, lasting for years no matter what the environment throws at them. Tubular fences have been tested through snow, fire, heat, and floods without weakening.


Tubular fencing is remarkably easy to maintain.  The polyester powder coat is highly resistant to wear and degradation.  This means you will not have to paint this fence over and over.

Further, this fencing is simple to clean.  A quick wash down with a hose, or a gentle wiping with a sponge, will remove dust, dirt, and debris.  If you have hard deposits, a mild detergent will help you get rid of them.

With this simple regimen, your tubular fence will last a lifetime.

Ease Of Maintenance

Although aluminium tubular fencing is inexpensive and easy to work with, if you are looking for sturdiness, you cannot beat steel.

Steel tubular fencing is stronger than a brick wall.  It looks great because of its durable powder coating, but it is extremely strong.  

Variety Of Options

There is no other style of fencing with more design options than tubular fencing. 

The shape of the tubes, styles of the toppers, and designs of the fence itself are myriad.  No other fencing material offers such customization.

Tubular Fencing Melbourne

We have been providing Melbourne with fences for many years.  Our experience with tubular fencing Melbourne is unmatched.

Our team can show you all of your design options.  Whether you choose a traditional pattern or one that is bespoke, we can build it quickly and affordably.

In the end, you will have a beautiful and practical fence that will last a lifetime.  Safety, security, and aesthetics, tubular fencing provides it all.

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