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Durable Metal Fencing Melbourne

Our team focus on constructing fences from a wide variety of materials, including wood, brick, glass, and stone. But the sturdiest fences we build are made from some form of metal.

Metal is extremely durable, which makes it an excellent choice for clients who want a fence that will last over time. Furthermore, the options for metal fencing Melbourne range from purely functional to highly decorative.

Although historically metal fences were designed primarily for security, today’s metal fencing can provide exceptional privacy as well. When you add in the quality and appearance of today’s metal fencing, no matter what your design aesthetic may be, there is a metal fence for you.

Metal Fencing Melbourne

Metal Fencing Styles and Designs

There is no other fencing material that allows the variety of design that metal does. Whereas wood fencing has revolved around the same themes for hundreds of years, metal fencing has developed and evolved over the years.

Whether you are fencing for decoration, security, privacy, boundary demarcation, or some combination thereof, a metal fence is an outstanding choice. Superior in strength and durability to most other options on the market, metal fencing is worth a look when planning your design.


The quintessential security fence, chain-wire or chain-link fencing is a staple of public and commercial sites. This design makes for an excellent boundary fence and, if topped with razor wire, will prevent unauthorised access to your property.

The clear visibility through the fence allows security personnel to monitor what is happening adjacent to the secured facility. This fencing can easily accommodate gates for vehicles and pedestrians, allowing controlled access.

Woven Wire

Similar to chain-wire in its transparency, woven wire fencing is a much more stylish and attractive fencing option. This sort of fence is a part of Australian history but has grown to encompass a much more pleasant appearance than it had in its original form.

But don’t let the good looks fool you, they make this fence to last. The wire is coated with a material that forms two layers of protection for the underlying steel. One layer acts as a passive barrier while the other one offers galvanic, sacrificial protection. You will get a lifetime of use from this fence.

Security Fencing Melbourne


Tubular fencing is fantastic for boundary fencing, particularly in well-traveled and visible areas. The reason for this is that you may cap the fencing with decorative embellishments that make it particularly attractive.

The final result is similar in appearance to wrought iron, but without the propensity toward rust, corrosion, and decay. And although it may be attractive to the eye, heavy-duty tubular fencing is excellent at providing security.

Tubular Fencing Melbourne

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This sort of fencing is the best metal privacy fence on the market. Created in sheets, there are no openings for prying eyes to look through.

The prefabricated fence panels come in a wide assortment of colors and with many decorative options such as lattice tops and slat screens in a variety of patterns.

Made to last, this is a corrosion-resistant, termite-proof, easy to clean fencing option for those who do not want to spend their time on fence upkeep.

Colorbond Fencing Melbourne

Metal Fencing Materials

It is important to realise that, although extremely durable, many metal fences have the tendency to corrode if not properly built and installed. That is where our years of experience truly comes into play.

With many years in the business, we do metal fencing right. That means quality installation without damaging the metal. Pristine metal stays rust-free and we are careful not to disrupt the protective coatings on the fencing material.

Metal Fencing Pros & Cons

As you can see, metal fencing is a fantastic fencing option. Here are some advantages that a metal fence offers:

Still, even the best fencing materials have a few disadvantages. For metal fences, these include:

Do not hesitate to consider metal as an option for your fencing project. The design choices are myriad and the durability cannot be beaten.

Metal Fencing Melbourne

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