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High Quality Security Fencing Melbourne

Whether you are protecting your property or your family, a security fence is a crucial component of your plan. A high-quality security fence from our expert team will prevent intruders from having access to your property and breaking in.

With many years of experience designing and creating security fences that are both tough and attractive, we have the expertise to build the right fence for you. Let us show you how affordable security fencing Melbourne can be. Call us at (03) 9988 1299.

There are no barriers to stop us from creating the perfect security barrier for you. Fencing, railing, enclosures, screens, and gates – we do it all. No job is too big or too small.

Security Fencing Melbourne

And most certainly, no job is too challenging. With our skilled design team, we can develop and build a security barrier solution for any property, building, or containment area.

But why should you consider placing security fencing around your business, storage, or property?

First and most obvious, security fencing can prevent larceny, vandalism, and theft of items, supplies, or goods. No one deserves to have their property stolen or buildings defaced, and a security fence makes it much more difficult for an individual with ill intent to intrude.

Next, this type of fencing makes it more difficult for intruders to depart your property after theft or tampering occurs. This provides more time for your alarm system or other security measures to operate and contact the authorities so that they can arrive prior to the wrong-doers departure. The getaway is made more difficult if the criminal has to negotiate a fence.

Security fencing also provides your family, employees, or visitors with reassurance that they are safe. It is a visible indicator that you take security seriously. People on your site will be confident in your security measures and a corporate reputation will improve.

Finally, this fencing creates a deterrent for arsonists, thieves, and vandals. Given how hard it is to breach a high-quality security fence, most intruders will bypass a property with a fence in order to focus on an easier target. Your fence not only protects the property against active miscreants but also keeps your property from being a target of opportunity.

Types of Security Fencing

Security fences come in a number of styles and types. The ‘right choice’ for the customer is usually based on the level of protection that they require.

Another thing to consider is that there are several anti-climb devices that can be used on your fence to increase its protective nature.

Chain Wire Fencing

Chain wire, or chain-link, fencing is the most common security fencing Melbourne has on the market.

Versatile, durable, and secure, chain wire fencing is flexible and easy to install. With galvanisation or PVC coating, this fencing has the endurance to keep your property secure for many years to come.

With the addition of razor wire or barbed wire on the top, a chain wire fence provides exceptional security at a very affordable price point.

This is an excellent fence choice to delineate boundaries like property lines, sports pitches, and courts. It also works well for enclosing equipment, supplies, and valuables.

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Mesh Panel Fencing

Mesh panel fencing is an option for medium security situations. It is popular because it is more attractive than chain wire fencing, while still maintaining many of the same characteristics.

The panels come in a variety of colors, making for a lovely perimeter fence. People can see in and out of the fence, but they will not compromise your security. 

Palisade Fencing

Palisade fencing is one of the strongest protective fences against thieves.

This fence style consists of multiple vertical metal pales that are stabilised by horizontal rails. It is extremely difficult to climb, making it exceptionally effective against vandals.

For further security, pointed spikes can be added to the tops of the upright slats. Additionally, barbed wire or razor wire may be strung across the top of the palisade fencing.

Security Fencing Melbourne Experts

For commercial, construction, or industrial properties, security fencing Melbourne is more than just a ‘nice-to-have’. It is a necessity.

Keeping equipment and supplies safe, protected, and secure is absolutely critical. Intruders and vandals can wreak havoc on your site and their actions can lead to significant losses.

Our company have a long track record of developing security fence solutions for businesses across Melbourne.

Learn more about how we can help you protect your site with a top-quality security fence. Contact us at (03) 9988 1299 and let us show you how our security fences can safeguard your property.

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