Brick Fences

Brick fences Melbourne speak of elegance and class. With 30 years of experience designing and building masonry fences, Our expert team have built some of Melbourne’s most impressive brick fencing.

Our design and build teams are ready to work with you to create your brick fence masterpiece. Contact us at (03) 9988 1299 and let us show you how affordable a private and secure brick fence can be.

Brick Fencing

When most people consider fencing, they focus on the familiarity iron fences. However, in doing so, they miss out on the incredible benefits that come with a brick fence

Brick Fence Melbourne

Aesthetic Beauty

Masonry today is incredibly advanced, which means that we are in a golden era of brick fence design. The wide array of brick colors on the market today allows us to design a fence to match or complement any house.

Add to this the creative and complex designs that can be built using edges and ends of the brick, and a brick fence today is a stunning architectural addition to any property.

Brick can be used to create arches, pillars, and columns that accentuate the brickwork and express your personal style.

Whether the brick is used alone, or in combination with metal, wood, stone, or concrete, you get an incredible visual appearance.

Easy Maintenance

Brick fencing is supremely simple to take care of when compared to other materials. You do not need to stain or paint it like wood. You do not need to fight corrosion and rust you do with wrought iron. Other than an occasional cleaning, a brick fence is essentially maintenance-free.

Durability and Impact Protection

In the same way that brick lasts as a housing material, it is equally durable when used in fencing. Its endurance will lead to a lifetime of protection and beauty in a fence that stands tall.

Additionally, the strength of brick makes it able to resist wear and tear. Whether it is resistance to the elements or to an accidental collision, brick will endure.

Acoustic Isolation

Because brick fencing is far thicker than wood or metal, it provides superior protection from noise. This acoustic dampening prevents road noise from interrupting the peace and tranquility of your property. With a brick fence, you will no longer be bothered by the sound of lorries, barking dogs, or loud neighbors.


As discussed, brick makes for a sturdy fence. In addition to that strength providing durability, it also means you can use it as a support for other landscaping elements. It can hold lighting fixtures, shelving, plants, security cameras, and many other items without fear of collapse. This makes it act as a utility for your yard and garden.

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As opposed to metal or wood, no intruder is going to try to break through a brick fence. It is far too tough a barrier. This makes brick fencing the most secure option on the market.

Environmental Sustainability

A green option for fencing, bricks are created from natural sources. This makes a brick fence an environmentally sound choice for your accommodation protection. Additionally, brick is recyclable. Thus, if your fencing plans change in the future, you will know that your current fence can be repurposed and not end up in a landfill.

Fire Protection

Brick has a naturally high heat tolerance, making it naturally fire-resistant. This protective property has saved many properties from fire damage from either wildfires or fire spreading from another house. You can count on brick not to burn readily.

Cost Savings

Although brick fencing may have a higher initial price point than wood, over the long haul it is a great investment. With lifetime durability, a brick fence is likely the last fence you will ever need. And with lower maintenance costs, you won’t be spending additional money after the original outlay.

Brick Fence Design

There are two major types of brick fences, those that are open and those that are closed.

Open brick fencing designs accentuate your landscaping and house. These fences usually stand lower in height than closed fences. They are also generally created with brick pillars with metallic or wooden fencing in between them.

Closed brick fences are complete, wall-like structures, which generally have more height than an open brick fence. These fences provide added privacy and security to a property while allowing the owner to enjoy the beauty of the brickwork.

Brick Fence Melbourne

Brick Fences Melbourne Experts

Brick fences Melbourne have great versatility, durability, and beauty. They can be an impressive addition to any property.

For any brick project, however, you want someone with the level of experience that our business holds. Because we have been building brick fences Melbourne for over 30 years, we do it with a level of workmanship that is unparalleled.

Learn more about how The Fencing Experts can help you. Contact us at (03) 9988 1299.

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