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Paling fence Melbourne has is one of the most popular fence types. This is because paling fences balance these two qualities so well: they give you the privacy you want while still being affordable enough that most people can afford them.

Our paling fencing can help you get your privacy on in a way that won’t break the bank. Call us at (03) 9988 1299 to learn what we can do for you.

A paling fence has an incredibly simple design, one used for hundreds of years. This style of fence is made from long, thin pieces of wood arranged in a vertical manner. Traditionally, that wood is brought to points at the top, though more recently a flattened capping for the tops has come into vogue.

We frequently find this style of fence on the sides or back of a domestic property. Paling fencing is an unassuming design, but it is remarkably robust when it comes to privacy.

In order to achieve its excellent level of privacy, we design the paling fence in one of two ways.

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Standard Paling Fence

A standard paling fence is built by placing the palings side by side, leaving as little of a gap as possible. Usually, these fences are constructed with only 1mm to 3mm of space between the palings. 

The only problem with this design is that timber shrinks and swells over time with exposure to the weather, changes in temperature, and age. If those changes lead to shrinkage, the gaps between palings may grow. This can result in less privacy than desired.

Lapped Paling Fence

We find the solution to those growing gaps in a lapped paling fence. In this type of fencing, the palings overlap each other by about 25 mm on each side.

The overlap eliminates all the potential gaps and creates a fence that brings maximum privacy to your yard. No matter what angle people approach your fence from, it is impossible for them to get a proper view of what is happening inside the fence line.

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Why Choose A Paling Fence?

Paling fencing is a fantastic choice for privacy. However, the benefits of this fencing style do not simply stop there.

Easy Installation and Repair

Because it is made of simple wood, paling fences are easy and quick to assemble. They are also customisable to a great degree since we can cut the timber to any size and shape.

There are no complex components that have to be installed when erecting a paling fence, so it goes up fast. We can be finished building your fence before you know it.

Further, paling fences are installed in individual pieces, making them easy to repair in case they are damaged. There is no need to remove the entire fence, just simply replace the broken paling.

Because you are only replacing single palings instead of full sections of fencing, you will find any repair to be quite affordable.

Environmentally Sustainable and Cost-Effective

Paling fencing is made from either hardwood or treated wood. These are natural resources that can be replanted, making this a sustainable fencing choice.

Further, any damaged palings can become kindling for a fireplace, wood-burning stove, or fire pit. Wood is a perfect fencing material because of its renewable nature.

The timber used in paling fences costs less than most other materials. Using timber can result in a much larger or fancier fence at a lower price point than if you were using metal or another material. You can achieve whatever look your desire without being shocked at the high price tag. This is the ideal option if you are on a tight budget.

Attractive Appearance

Timber paling fences have a fantastic, classic look. Attractive in a timeless way, a paling fence meshes well in any environment, though particularly so in a more rustic one.

As a natural material, wood blends seamlessly with your landscaping. In this way, you never feel like the fence is hemming you in. Rather, your fencing feels like an extension of your property.

This fence design also comes with design flexibility regarding height and shape. You can make it taller for more privacy or shape it as desired if you are simply looking for attractive boundary demarcation.

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We are a company with many years of experience designing and constructing the best paling fence Melbourne has. Our team’s knowledge about building this style of fence is second to none.

Let our skilled technicians create a fence for you that maximises your privacy and makes your yard and garden an oasis from the outside world. With its natural wooden beauty, a paling fence will be perfect for your property.

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