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Depending on your fence design, you can even raise the security of your property with a front fence. Less expensive than alarm systems or cameras, fencing can keep unwanted visitors off of your property.

With the right fence choice, your front fence will increase your property privacy and reduce traffic noise. Not having your neighbors know everything that happens in your house and on your property can be quite comforting.

A great front fence increases the aesthetic appeal of your property and can raise its value on the resale market. Prospective buyers will look at a property’s  white picket, elegant ornamental, or vine-covered fence and will immediately see the added value. This kerb appeal can lead to top dollar for your property.

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Front Fence Melbourne

There are few additions to a property that are more distinctive than the front fence. After all, this is the first thing people see when they come to your house. It makes an impression!

Our company has served Melbourne for many years, designing and creating bespoke front fences that welcome friends and impress neighbors.

A front fence sets the boundary between your private oasis and the rest of the world. You get a visual representation of your property line, and it provides a place for children to play without worry that they will enter the roadway or wander off.

An attractive front fence catches the eye, enhances the natural architecture of your property, and adds beauty to your landscape design. With proper placement, it can also hide unsightly features of your home, yard, or garden.

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Front Fencing Designs

We have the widest range of fencing options available in the region. No matter what sort of front fence you envision, we can turn that into reality. That being said, there are certainly some fence types that are more typical than others when it comes to fencing for the front of a property. Let’s explore some of those options.

Metal Fencing

Metal fencing is also very popular and is even sturdier. These fences are often more elegant and ornate than a picket fence, which has more of a cottage appearance. Sleek and contemporary, or regal and graceful, we can build metal fencing to provide your desire aesthetic.

Metal front fences are a splendid choice for security. They are strong enough to prevent forcible entry and imposing enough to deter intruders.

Although they look complex, metal fences are relatively simple to install. It is a quick and efficient job that will get your new fence to you in a very short period of time.

Metal fences are also low maintenance, with less cleaning required than wood fences. They are also exceptionally durable, standing up to both daily wear and accidental damage.

Modern Fence Melbourne


A fashionable and stylish look, masonry front fencing is solid and designed to last. Remarkable not only for security, a masonry fence is exceptional for privacy as well, which sets it apart from metal.

A masonry front fence will last a lifetime, with minimal upkeep and maintenance. And the strength of this fence will keep your property free from intrusion for that entire time.

Masonry resists the elements as well as the temperature variations that may damage less durable fencing options. Add to this the versatility that can be built into the wall through arches or direction changes, masonry is an excellent option for a front fence.

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These are just a few of the choices available for front fencing Melbourne. Other options include horizontal-slat fences or landscape fences that combine natural wood fencing with trellis-climbing vines, tall flowers, trees, or planters.

To help you work through the choices, our experienced designers are available to assist you in picking the perfect fence for your property.

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