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Quality Colorbond Fencing Melbourne

When it comes to steel fencing in Melbourne, one name rises above all others – Colorbond. Made by Australia for 50 years, it is part of the landscape of our city. In our homes and hospitals, schools and yards, Colorbond is designed for Australia and our way of life.

Our team have been installing the best Colorbond fencing Melbourne has for many years.  We believe in this material and believe there is no one in the region who is better at Colorbond installation than we are.

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Colorbond Fencing Melbourne

Why Choose Colorbond For Your Melbourne Fence

Colorbond fencing is a classic Australian design. You can see the corrugations at businesses throughout Melbourne, as Colorbond fences are very popular in our bustling city! Here are just some of the reasons that many people love it:

Tested in Australia

Colorbond fences have stood the test of time all across Australia. This material has beaten back the extreme heat, cold, wind, rain, hail, and dust that our country experiences.

In its rigorous testing for durability, corrosion, and outdoor exposure, they subject Colorbond to the harshest environments in Australia. There are panels of this fencing across the country that are continuously being exposed, monitored, and evaluated.

This assessment program places panels in different locations, at different pitches, and adjoined to different materials in order to ensure any flaws will be quickly discovered. Some panels are left unwashed and others are repeatedly cleaned – again, just to ensure your fence will last no matter how you treat it.

This way, you know that when you get a Colorbond fence, you are getting quality.

Fire Performance

As everyone knows, Melbourne is no stranger to the dangers of brushfires. These deadly events spread rapidly and can cause significant damage to property.

However, studies show that steel fencing around the border of a property, “offers greater protection to people’s homes against bushfire than other alternative materials because of its non-combustibility.”

Colorbond steel has been tested against conditions that simulate brushfire. In a 30-minute flame immersion test, Colorbond came up as the top-rated performer. This demonstrates that a Colorbond fence can protect your home from adjacent burning properties during a brushfire event.

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Caring for a Colorbond fence is simple. In fact, if your fence is naturally exposed to rainwater, you will probably never have to wash your fence at all. However, if the fence is not exposed to the rain, you will want to wash it down with fresh, clean water in order to prolong its life and keep up its appearance.

Normally, you can do this every 6 months. However, if you live near enough to the ocean that you receive salt mist or spray, you will want to hose down the fence more frequently.

Additionally, you want to avoid allowing soil or mulch to build up at the base of your fence.

If you do these things, your Colorbond fence will stand up to all nature has to throw at it while never losing its attractive appearance.


Colorbond is an ecologically sound choice in fencing material. It contains recycled content and is 100% recyclable itself. In many cases, the steel may be used again without any reprocessing at all.

Further, because Colorbond fences are so durable, they have to be replaced far less frequently than fences made of other materials. Their longevity allows everyone to conserve energy and resources that otherwise would have to go into the manufacture of a new fence.


This fencing is created to meet Australian Standards. Colorbond has five layers to make it the best steel fence on the market.

  • The steel base meets or exceeds all standards for strength and grade
  • That base is then coated in a metallic coating that provides excellent corrosion protection
  • A pretreatment layer is then added to aid future coats in adhering to the steel
  • A second corrosion prevention layer is then baked onto the material
  • Finally, a topcoat of chip-resistant, high-quality paint is baked on to ensure the fence looks good far into the future
The end result is an attractive fence that lasts for years!

We Install The Best Colorbond Fencing Melbourne

As is apparent, Colorbond fencing is an Australian classic that comes with many benefits. Tested, durable, and environmentally sustainable, this steel fence is an excellent choice for your property.

No one in the region has more experience in working with Colorbond fences than us. We can quickly and affordably install a Colorbond fence on your property.

Call (03) 9988 1299 and speak with one of our friendly representatives and tell us how we can best help you

Colorbond Fencing Melbourne

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