Why COLORBOND® Fencing is a Great Choice for Your Melbourne Home

Either you just had a newly built house or just tore down your old fence, your next step would be the same: getting a new fence. Your new fence should look fantastic, need little upkeep, and be able to last for several years or even decades. Sounds like it needs a perfect fencing solution? Thanks to its many benefits, COLORBOND® fencing Melbourne is the answer you’re looking for. It satisfies all the criteria mentioned above – and more!

These are just a few of the several reasons why COLORBOND® fencing is the best option for your property.

Metal Fencing Melbourne


Trusted by Australians

COLORBOND® has been tested in a wide range of outdoor settings and environments over the last 50 years, from private houses and industrial locations to extreme saltwater environments. The company had installed several thousand panels within Australia alone. In the end, you have a high-quality fence that will never fail you, no matter what it goes through.

Your COLORBOND® fencing will never rust, or get consumed by termites, or aid in the spread of fire – all thanks to its state-of-the-art paint system.


Easy Upkeep

Maintenance is a breeze with a COLORBOND® fence. However, this does not exclude the fact that it will still get dirty at some point. The good news is, it’s never been simpler to keep your COLORBOND® fencing Melbourne looking its best. You only need to stick to the following maintenance procedure every few months:

Following a routine maintenance schedule will ensure that your COLORBOND® fence preserves its aesthetic appeal while extending its lifespan. If you stay true to its regular upkeep, you will never have to repaint this fence.


Assured Privacy

Is there anything better than relaxing in the privacy of your outdoor oasis? Make the right choice for your home by installing a COLORBOND® fence to keep everything you do within your property private. Don’t worry; you don’t become a bad neighbour just because you want more privacy in your own home.

Due to its robust construction, there are no holes or gaps in the fence. It’s also tough to climb since there are minimal footholds. You can then appreciate the serenity and quiet of the outdoors without worrying about being exposed to the public eye.


Exquisite Looking

COLORBOND® fencing Melbourne will look fantastic anywhere you put it. There are over 22 different colours to pick from, many of which were inspired by the wilderness of Australia. You can easily select a colour that compliments your house and surroundings while expressing your individuality in the neighbourhood.

There are a few additional options for customising the appearance and feel of your COLORBOND® fence, such as louvres, slats, plastic post caps, 3D lattice, and ball caps. You can allow in some fresh air and sunshine with these features, while also giving your fence a unique appearance.



COLORBOND® fencing is made of recyclable steel material that can be recycled or repurposed later. During installation, there is very minimal waste. This only has a positive impact on the environment.

There is also no need to use strong chemicals on COLORBOND® fencing to maintain it because steel is naturally resistant to pests and other contaminants. As you know, the soil and water sources can get damaged due to chemical run-off.

And finally, COLORBOND® fencing Melbourne does not need repainting, as already stated above. You don’t have to use toxic paints containing unpleasant chemicals to minimise chemical run-off.

COLORBOND® Fence Builders in Melbourne

Supply and installation of superior COLORBOND® fences are our specialities in Melbourne. You can request a free measurement and quote now if you’re considering a COLORBOND® fence for your home! Get started by contacting us right now and speaking to one of our friendly COLORBOND® specialists.

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