How Long Will A Colorbond Fence Last In Melbourne?

Colorbond fencing is a very popular choice for a fencing material right across Australia, including in Melbourne.

Fences are great to help increase privacy of your home and outdoor spaces. They can also help reduce sun glare, and traffic noise, as well as provide some level of shade for sensitive plants.

The best thing about Colorbond fencing though is that it is really easy to maintain and lasts a very long time. It is also a time-saving advantage in that there is no need to repaint or varnish the fence to keep it look good.

So you’ll save a lot of time and energy on maintenance, and you’ll be able to spend more time with your family and friends.

So just how long will a Colorbond actually last?

If Colorbond fences are installed correctly, and according to the manufacturer’s instructions with well-installed footings, a Colorbond fence could last over 20 to 25 years

This time estimate applies only if the Colorbond fence is not physically damaged. Some people will tell you that a Colorbond Fence could be the last fence you’ll ever build!

Different manufacturers will give you a slightly different estimate on the longevity of the Colorbond fence they install. 

Read on to see a list of the more common Colorbond Fence parts and their average life spans. This list will give you a realistic idea of what life span you should reasonably be able to get from your fence. 

Colorbond fence panels: Usually over 20 years
Colorbond colour fastness: Around 10 years
Other steel attachments like plinth and lattice: About 10 years

There are many reasons that Colorbond fencing has such a long lifespan and a lot of it is to do with the construction of the fence panels and parts themselves. 

Colorbond designed the fence to be strong and resistant to harsh elements – like sun and wind, but also resistant to termites and fire.

Colorbond fencing is made up of different layers. It has a structural core base of metal called Zincalume steel that meets Australian Standard 1397, for high-quality grade steel

Colorbond Fencing Melbourne

Then the steel base is coated with Activate™ technology. Its BlueScope steel’s leading metallic coating increases Colorbond anti-corrosion properties. 

Then, a very thin pre-treatment layer is applied to make sure the next layers adhere properly which is followed by a polyester primer that is baked onto the surface.

Lastly, a topcoat of a specially developed lead-free exterior grade paint that is compliant with Australian Standard AS 2728, is baked on. This gives enhanced resistance to chipping, peeling and cracking. 

This is how a Colorbond fence manages to retain its good looks for a couple of decades!

These layers give Colorbond fencing the durability and strength to last and look good in the harsh Australian weather. 

And the best bit is that you will spend less time on routine maintenance, and more time with your family doing the things you enjoy!

There are some very simple things that you can do to increase the longevity of your Colorbond Fence. And most of it is in the installation!

How to increase the life of your Colorbond fence

Maintainance: In most cases, it’s very easy to maintain your Colorbond fence and all you’ll need to do is wipe or hose it down when you see dirt on it. Literally, that’s all you’ll need to do. 

You don’t need a pressure cleaner, just a regular hose will get off any dirt, grime or cobwebs as they appear.

Keep chemicals off the fence: Sound easy, but some plant sprays and insecticides have compounds that react with the steel parts or the paint. If you get any chemical on the fence, it will pay to wash it off as soon as possible. 

However, you’ll need to ensure that you take steps to prevent rust and other corrosion-causing situations from occurring. The secret of a long-lived Colorbond fence is really in the installation

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Installation: Always put your fence posts in so that there is plenty of concrete around the base so any water can drain away and not pool up against the fence. 

And make sure you have holes in the bottom rails so that the water can drain away, not sit in contact with the steel, and start the rusting process. 

Check that no part of the fence comes in contact with the ground. It’s easy when you are building the fence, but dirt moves, piles build up, and garden beds flow to the boundary over the years. If you can keep the fence clear of dirt, you’ll increase the fence’s life. 

Keep chemicals off the fence. Sound easy, but some plant sprays and insecticides have compounds that react with the steel parts or the paint. If you get any chemical on the fence, it will pay to wash it off as soon as possible. 

If you are looking for a good-looking, durable, and easy-to-maintain fencing option that can withstand Melbourne’s ever-changing climate, Colorbond steel fencing is a great choice. 

 With proper installation and some occasional maintenance, a Colorbond fence should serve you and your family for over twenty years. If you want a great investment, spend the extra and go Colorbond!

As long as you install a Colorbond fence properly, you will get the longest possible life out of it. 

If Colorbond fencing is the option you are looking at, give us a call and let’s come and give you a quote for a Colorbond fence that will look great around your yard for decades to come!

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